How to find Sugar Daddy..Seeking Arrangement


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Dating a sugar daddy is not a permanent thing. There is this unspoken understanding that the relationship is not a lifetime one – that one day, it will just end. It can be the week after next or in two years. The good relationship with a sugar dad will not always last. That is why young women who are seeking arrangement will always have a backup plan when the sugar dad cuts off the relationship one day.

In becoming a sugar baby, it is important that you set your expectations correctly. Setting proper expectations can prevent you from heartaches or problems in the future. Before you enter into a relationship with someone who is seeking arrangement, here are just some of the expectations that you have to bear in mind.

1. He might be married.

Most sugar daddies seeking arrangement with sugar babies don’t lie and just tell it straight out if they have a wife. They oftentimes do it subtly by showing a family photo or casually mentioning their wives in conversations. You have to ask your sugar dad to be upfront about it, especially if it seems as if he was uncomfortable talking about his “other” life as it can impact your life too. Some wives are vengeful so you have to be very careful when dealing with married men.

2. Family and friends may not understand why you are a sugar baby.

Not a lot of people are okay with the concept of having a sugar dad. Some people think that it is just a cute way of referring to prostitution. There are also those people who stay away from those who are involved in such a relationship. You have to be prepared when you are surrounded by people who may go against your relationship with your sugar dad.

3. Seeking arrangement may be temporary at first but it may lead to a serious relationship.

There are chances when sticking to one sugar daddy for a very long time can turn into a committed relationship. However, parties have to agree on their relationship status first before it becomes more than just the sugar dad/sugar babe relationship.

4. Some sugar daddies can’t stick to one sugar baby.

There are some sugar babies who fall in love with their sugar daddies. In fact, that love might even force you into demanding that you be the only one to your sugar dad. However, some sugar daddies shun the idea of committing themselves to just a single woman. If you demand such a thing from them, they might end up leaving you instead.

5. The good times don’t last.

At first, you might find sugar daddies who spoil you rotten. However, such good times will eventually lessen. There might be frequent disagreements or mundane conversations that bore the two of you. You have to be prepared for what you will do when such things happen.

These are just some of the expectations to prepare for when you are dating a sugar daddy. If you set your expectations right, you won’t end up feeling disappointed. Proper expectations can save you from trouble – and heartaches – in the long run.